Ilustrato Pictures International Announces Company’s Forthcoming Steps    

MONUMENT, Colo., May  20, 2019  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Ilustrato Pictures International, Inc. (OTCPK: ILUS) announced today the  next steps for the Company will be to change its name to Red Creek  Diversified Holdings Corporation along with a symbol change in the near  future.  Red Creek will be focused as a Diversified Consolidated company  aligned with Global Strategic Partners and will structure the Company  to benefit immediate and long-term stock appreciation.

Red Creek Diversified Holdings Corporation will  become a fully reporting company with a broad-based oriented vision that  includes companies that have passed beyond startups and proof of  concept which are capable in creating on-going revenues. Some of the  selected opportunities spaces will be mainstream or emerging industries  that Red Creek will introduce to the stake holders such as Cannabis  Properties, Real Estate Underling Assets, Lease Backs on Equipment,  Construction Products.

The Company’s intent is to rapidly transition into these industries as Red Creek’s immediate and long-term strategic plans.

Red  Creek’s core values are to have a team of participants that always  attempt to perform at the highest levels. The Company will align with an  already existing team in place of various consultants and entrepreneurs  that have combined decades of experience.

Red  Creek looks to partner with like-minded investors who wish to share in  the growth of this dynamic industry, and management believes there is  significant investor interest and demand for such opportunities.

About ILUS (to be renamed Red Creek Diversified Holding Corporation):

The  strategy of ILUS is to acquire, align or consolidate with revenue  producing companies and real estate assets. The plan is to diversify by  acquiring companies that have a proven track record in industries that  have great potential for growth and profits. Our website  will be updated as we execute the strategic plan.


 ILUS Enters Into LOI With CWD

MONUMENT, Colo., May  02, 2019  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Illustrato Pictures International, Inc. (to be renamed Red Creek  Diversified Holdings Corporation) (OTCPK:ILUS) announced today a Letter  of Intent with CWD to work together to invest in existing operations of  CWD in Colorado, with ground floor opportunities in Oregon and other  licensed approved states to develop additional facilities based on the  assets and products that have been developed by CWD.

The LOI will allow ILUS to provide personnel and  resources for ILUS and its investment partners to evaluate the market  for the products developed by CWD at the proposed facility location and  other locations where licenses are in place or can be obtained. We  believe that our investments should focus on proven products, proven  services, and key locations to serve the customer base. We believe in  the real estate mantra (Location, Location, Location). Our acquisition  strategy is to invest in facilities that have valuable real estate  evaluations and market windows as the underpinnings of the investment.

ILUS  (Red Creek Diversified Holdings Corporation) will concentrate efforts  in the Cannabis business properties and brands in the manufacturing  infused products, cultivation, dispensaries, and health and wellness  products and seek acquisitions in similar companies. CWD is ideal as to  our strategic partner expansion with professional experience in  manufacturing of edibles to contribute to our overall roll up strategic  plan of expansion in multiple States. 

Larson  Elmore, CEO of ILUS, stated, “We are pleased to announce the acquisition  of CWD. CWD offers a variety of CO2 oil cannabis infused edibles such  as Hard and Soft Candies, Teas, Capsules, Vaporizer Products, and  Concentrates.”

Mr. Elmore continued, “We feel  now is the perfect time to launch our public entity, with CBD becoming a  recommended treatment for a variety of ailments. The total CBD market  is expected to reach $22 billion by 2022. The U.S. Farm Bill, legalized  hemp-derived CBD in all 50 states and should speed the industry's  growth.”

To learn more about CWD, please visit:


Nevada Reinstatement| 

Ilustrato  Pictures International Inc. ., (OTCPINK: ILUS) has begun or concluded  submitting all regulatory and compliance paperwork for Nevada  reinstatement.

Ilustrato Pictures  International Inc, (ILUS) is reviewing other opportunities within our  sector and will begin to give further updates shortly on progress as  well as name change.

Ilustrato  Pictures International Inc. ., (OTCPINK: ILUS) , in compliance with SEC  regulations, may in the future use social media outlets like Facebook or  Twitter ( and its own website to  announce key information in compliance with Reg FD.

About Red Creek Reserve
Red  Creek Reserve does not grow or sell Marijuana products. We locate,  option, and purchase/lease sites, then erect the structures for licensed  grow and dispensary operations using the latest state of the art  technologies in each facility. (learn more)

The unique feature of  our operation is that we fund the upfront capital investment for each  project facility. This includes a turnkey package for immediate  licensing, processing, and operational deployment. The licensed operator  simply leases the facility and attaches their license to the specific  location to get their approvals in place with the governing State of  their operation. Our development program is designed to get the licensed  operator in business as rapidly as possible, thereby allowing the  business to establish profit quickly.

We take the development  process to a level where the operators can begin organizing their  business. We help them establish a profitable grow and dispensary  operation, which helps sell their products. In addition, the licensed  operators of dispensaries or grow centers can enter this space with  minimal upfront investment through our leasing program.

The  technologies that are implemented in our turnkey matrix are proven for  efficiency and designed to achieve the highest profitability. We provide  experienced talent in horticultural consultation, operational design,  building structures, plasma grow lighting, and IT tracking from seed to  sale. Our leadership has extensive long-term track records in their  respective roles to accommodate and deploy the development plans in the  rapidly emerging Marijuana industry.


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